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Access to My Music, My Pictures and My Videos denied [Windows]

November 01, 2017

Certain hidden folders on Windows systems cannot be correctly processed by Pinker. These folders have been created by older Microsoft Windows versions in the Documents folder. In more recent versions they are shown at the same level as Documents but they remain as hidden folders within the Documents folder to maintain backward compatibility with older OS versions. If you try to open any of these hidden folders from within Pinker the following message will pop-up:

Please ignore the error message.

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Bypassing index on startup can be accomplished in 2 ways - settings from within the program or manual settings done on configuration files behind the scenes.

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Export does not respect the column order [Windows | Mac]

December 06, 2017

Exporting items always results in an output file with the same column order. Use Excel to rearrange column order until this discrepancy has been corrected

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