Our vision

Finding digital content on our own devices or networks should be as easy as finding things on Amazon or eBay. We believe that our ability to find files should not depend on where they are stored. It should not depend on rigid folder structures or time-consuming document management practices. And it should not require anybody to give up their information to a third party.

Our mission is to enable agility in how individuals and teams work with their unstructured data. We are developing our first tool, Pinker, to facilitate quick and easy access to all the documents you need, when you need them; without having to store your information in the cloud, without having to remember exactly in which folder you stored what, and without having to attach metadata to your files.

Find out more about Pinker and how it works:

Find what you need, when you need it

Organise how you browse your files independently of folder structures

Share your work with others


Meet the Pinkerfind team


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