Release notes

New in Pinker V1.2 December 2017

  • A checkbox to show only those filters that have at least one corresponding item in the results list. Custom topic definitions can contain a lot of keywords and it can be difficult to find which keywords have "attracted" a document. This checkbox allows you to suppress irrelevant filters.

  • You can see the "footprint" of a document on your topics. If you select an item in the results area, topics that generate matches in the selected document are underlined.
  • Pinker easily handles on the the order of 20,000 concurrent topics. Browsing and searching is instant; changes to the topic definition requires noticeable processing time that increases with the number of topics and the number of files you have..

  • There is a setting to not automatically index at startup time. Some customers have used Pinker for three million or more files. Initial indexing can take quite some time and may not be always wanted.

  • For pdf documents, Pinker provides the page numbers where selected topics and keywords entered on the search line appear. To see the page numbers, right-click on the table header and check the Page numbers flag. We are working on a more user friendly way to provide this information.
  • Selected rows of the results table can be exported as a semi-colon separated list for further processing in a spreadsheet.