Have you ever found a folder structure you first created is not suitable anymore? Or that you cannot decide in which folder to store a document? Have you ever been in a situation where you were not sure which versions of a document were there, and which one to use? Have you ever worked on a document with a colleague, emailing versions back and forth? Versions diverge; which version should you pick up for the next step?

Sticking to folder and file naming conventions requires rigorous discipline. Professional document management systems are expensive and cumbersome.

Pinker lets you focus on the way you find files when you need them. Store them wherever makes sense but don’t fret about how to find them again. Pinker does that for you. It finds any file based on its content, wherever it was stored.

With Pinker you can systematically browse files by topic without regards to an existing folder structure. You can organise your files completely independently of their storage location. You can reorganise them as much and as often as you like without having to change their actual location.

By creating suitable saved searches, you can build “logical folders” and thus organise access to your files according to how you want to use them. You can reorganise your logical folders as much and as often as you like without having to change any file's actual location.

You can share topics with others, so they can use your topics (or you theirs). You can also gather files around a topic to store them in a zip file for sharing.