Find 2

Find with PinkerHave you ever searched for a file you know is on one of your drives, been unsure exactly which keywords to use to find a document you need? Have you ever been in the dark about whether you still even have a document or not? Didn’t know whether to look in emails, in attached documents that you could have saved elsewhere, or in documents stored on a cloud drive?

Did your system’s desktop search return no match at all, or too many to be useful? And if desktop search didn’t find your file, could you be sure it was definitely not there?

Pinker will find any file on your computer based on its content as well as its filename. This includes files on network drives, USB drives, cloud drives, files in zip archives, and attachments to emails in .eml format. It will instantly returns the files that contain the keywords you are looking for, or exclude files that contain words that you expressly exclude from your search, similar to how you would search on eBay. Pinker always shows how many files match each of your topics, so you can quickly narrow down your search.

Topic based search allows you to quickly home in on specific information on your computer. This works like finding an item in a large web store, for example browsing items by category on eBay. The difference being that the topics you use to refine your search are your own, not somebody else’s.

Pinker's speed allows you to rely on filters (topics, file type, etc.) to browse your files rather than spending time on trying to maintain elaborate folder structures and file naming conventions. Pinker provides a simple new way to organise and share your files, or technically speaking, your unstructured data.