Release notes February 2018

New in Pinker V1.3 February 2018

  • Pinker speaks English, español, deutsch, and Nederlands.
  • Pinker is case sensitive and also supports wildcards.
  • Pinker displays snippets, i.e. shows the text around the locations of matched keywords.
  • Pinker indexes Outlook .pst files and can show previews of Outlook emails.
  • When building up your topics, you can copy, cut, and paste individual topics as well as entire topic branches.
  • Pinker distinguishes between your own topics and topics that might be defined by your organisation.
  • You can define filters for additional file types.
  • For the technically minded, Pinker does not apply English language stemming anymore:
    • Users have more direct control via case sensitivity and wildcards
    • Pinker works better with multi-language corpora